YouTube Marketing Tools: Video Marketing Checkup

This tool was designed to give you an overview of any video on YouTube. It was more a proof of concept to learn the YouTube V3 API, but it turned into something useful so we thought to share it with the world. Just copy any youtube video's URL into the box below and click the “Retrieve My Video” button. We will then grab all the relevant data for that video and show you what you can't see under the hood when you are watching the video on YouTube. A great way to use this tool is to “spy” on your competitors to determine their keywords at a glance, or to see if your description matches up to theirs. YouTube used to show the tags of the videos as well, now they do not, also the category uploaded. This data is useful if you are trying to compete with a particular video or channel. You can also use this to see how your video looks embedded on a website outside of YouTube. It's a fun tool, give it a go!

Retrieve My Video
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