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We have been helping people on YouTube since 2005 when YouTube was founded. We have created these YouTube Marketing Tools to give something back to the community. Use the free tools and when you are ready, sign up to be a YouTube Marketing Star!


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We are proud to present these tools for marketing on youtube, as well as reviews of tools to purchase and general information on how YouTube Marketing is dominated in 2020!

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Use these tools to help you market your YouTube videos. Find out everything about a video or channel, get a marketing checkup and find keyword ideas from autocomplete. These YouTube Tools are 100% Free forever. Paid users have the ability to request projects to be created for their marketing needs. 


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There are hundreds of tools out there that claim they can help you on YouTube and with YouTube marketing. We have tried them all. Let our pain be your guide to the best tools and which are scams. Paid users will recieve some of these tools included in the membership.


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Resources compiled over the last 15 years regarding YouTube and YouTube marketing. We have thousands of references and articles that we will share with our readers for free. Paid users have access to the entire volume as well as 1on1 access to the people that did the research for these papers.


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YouTube Topic IDs – What are they and why do they matter

/m/04rlf Music (parent topic) /m/02mscn Christian music /m/0ggq0m Classical music /m/01lyv Country /m/02lkt Electronic music /m/0glt670 Hip hop music /m/05rwpb Independent music /m/03_d0 Jazz /m/028sqc Music of Asia /m/0g293 Music[…]

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Where do I host my Video?

There are three typical ways you can upload a video to the internet: 1. D-I-Y Video Self Hosting Pros: Simple. Free w/ Website | Custom video player/analytics package. Cons:┬áP.I.T.A.┬ásometimes |[…]

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youtube marketing tools category matters blog post

Video Category Choice: The Basics

When uploading a video the category seems the easiest choice. No big deal right? Pick a category and move on with the more important choices you have to make, like[…]

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YouTube Marketing Tools

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