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YouTube Topic IDs – What are they and why do they matter

/m/04rlf Music (parent topic) /m/02mscn Christian music /m/0ggq0m Classical music /m/01lyv Country /m/02lkt Electronic music /m/0glt670 Hip hop music /m/05rwpb Independent music /m/03_d0 Jazz /m/028sqc Music of Asia /m/0g293 Music of Latin America /m/064t9 Pop music /m/06cqb Reggae /m/06j6l Rhythm and blues /m/06by7 Rock music /m/0gywn Soul music Gaming topics /m/0bzvm2 Gaming (parent topic) /m/025zzc…
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Where do I host my Video?

There are three typical ways you can upload a video to the internet: 1. D-I-Y Video Self Hosting Pros: Simple. Free w/ Website | Custom video player/analytics package. Cons: P.I.T.A. sometimes | Crappy hosting T.O.S. | Shared Servers Suck We like to call this “1st party video hosting” and it is as simple as its gets. You create…
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Video Category Choice: The Basics

When uploading a video the category seems the easiest choice. No big deal right? Pick a category and move on with the more important choices you have to make, like light or dark beer. Categories Matter More Than You Think So we are all on the same page, in this post we are talking about…
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Legally Hijack YouTube Traffic From Videos

People click YouTube description links millions of times daily. A lot of those clicks are wasted on expired sites. That makes sense since stats say 50% of all small businesses close within 5 years.[1] Most of, if not all, those businesses had some sort of website. Some of them tried to use YouTube to market…
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YouTube’s Fan Finder Is A Great Tool

YouTube rolled a service out a few years ago called Fan Finder. With little fanfare that program was rolled into a setting in the channel for ‘featured videos’. I think YouTube Fan Finder sounds a lot more like what this is though, so I’m bringing it back! These videos, whatever they are called are the…
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