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About This Book Series

The 'Becoming YouTube Famous' series was written as a reference for those who want to become successful on YouTube. It's broken up into three sections:

  1. Becoming YouTube Famous: The Fundamentals focuses on the first steps you should take while creating your account and channel, touching on some of the psychology behind video creation and the basics of lighting, frame and focus and more. This book hopefully has information that really helps the beginner, but also has some nuggets inside that even the most seasoned YouTuber can learn from.


  1. Becoming YouTube Famous: Content Creation is more focused on the video themselves, learning your audience and understanding the concepts of digital media and basic marketing. Once you understand how people watch videos and interact or engage with your channel, you can create a plan for success.  This will help you understand why the marketing concepts presented in book 3 work. This is important because marketing shifts as time ticks on and you will need to be able to think on your feet moving forward. No one can give you a roadmap for your particular success.


  1. Becoming YouTube Famous: Video Marketing is the final and in my opinion least important of the series. This book focuses on how to bring people into your channel in proven methods from the past while looking ahead at trends and concepts for digital marketing. There is solid information in this book, but it will be less useful without the background you get from reading part 1 and 2. Don't just skip to this book and think its going to make sense to you if you are not a seasoned YouTuber with a successful channel already.


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I have spent 10 years marketing on YouTube to learn:

YouTube Channel Setup

Your channels matters. Little things like completely filling out your profile, adding playlists and contact information and incorporating your marketing concepts in your channel name.

Digital Video Editing

There are nearly unlimited programs out there to edit videos, two of which ship with both the major operating systems. I have tried them all and can help you understand the limitations of the free ones and determine if you need to buy an expensive software package or not.

Lighting Design

There is little less annoying than having a poorly lit video. The best marketing concepts in the world will not help a badly lit video. It starts with the basics and a lot of people want to skip ahead to the tips and tricks without learning the fundamentals of videography. I can help you learn what you need to ensure proper video techniques are followed so your marketing efforts are not worthless.

Audio Engineering

People will forgive a shaky cam or out of focus video way faster than a video with bad audio. One of the best examples of that is the recent movie "Tenet" as the reviews for that movie are negative because of the 'muffled' sound in the video. This is a coconscious choice by the director to 'enhance' the viewership by having them not do Alternative Dialog Replacement and filming on location with hot mics. Don't make these mistakes on YouTube, you are not Chris Nolan.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a search engine. In fact, its the second largest search engine behind Google, which owns it, so together they hold 98% of all search traffic in the world. Knowing how to market your video to compete with the millions of hours being uploaded every day is critical for success on YouTube. Let me help you get the knowledge you need with practical examples and real world tips to increase engagement and bring your YouTube videos up in the search results.

Google Marketing

Marketing directly on YouTube is not enough anymore. You need to incorporate social media and search engine marketing in order to cut through the noise and bring your video into the mainstream search queries. Video Marketing encompasses all aspects of traditional offline marketing with the new internet marketing paradigms, all of which I have beat my head against until I understood them. Let my pain help save you some.

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